63. Pekele tot eenen capuyn
Pickle for a capon

[16] pekele tot eenen capuyn [17] Neemt luttel mostaerts ende wijn ende minghelt dat [18] tsamen in een panne Ende doet daer toe smout vanden [19] capuyne met wat souts. Dan doet dat wel te gader sieden [20] totter tijt dat dick ghenoech es Dan doeget al heet rechten [21] Maer sommighe doender inne ghefruuten aiuyn

[16] Pickle [mustard sauce] for a capon. [17] Take a little mustard and wine and mix them [18] together in a pan. And add fat from the [19] capon with some salt. Then put it to boil together [20] until the time when it is thick enough. Then serve it all hot. [21] But some add fried onion.