65. Loock tot gansen
Garlic sauce for geese

[28] Loock tot gansen. [29] Om te maken loock tot gansen dye ghebraden sijn [30] Neempt cruymen van broode gheweyct in suet melc [31] en looc ende sout stoot dat al ontwee ende dan doet daer [32] inne eyeren die moruwe ghebraden sijn of ghebraden [C3r] apelen Ende alst al ghestooten es te ghadere dan doe[2]ghet doer eenen stramijn met melcke ofte met sanen [3] Dan doet daer op gansen smout

[28] Loock [garlic sauce] for geese. [29] To make garlic for geese which are roasted. [30] Take breadcrumbs softened in sweet milk [31] and garlic and salt. Grind them all together and then add [32] eggs which have been fried soft or fried [C3r] apples. And when it has all been ground up together then pass [2] it through a strainer with milk or with cream. [3] Then pour goose fat over it.