66. Loock tot gruenen rintvleesche
Loock for fresh beef

[4] Loock tot gruenen rintvleesche [5] Neemt gheweyct broot ende veriuys ende een ey of twee [6] Neemt oock petercelye ende loock stoot dat te samen ende [7] doeghet dan doer eenen stramijn met veriuyse Ende int [8] loock daer ghy gheen petercelye in en doet daer suldy [9] inne doen eenen ghebraden appele of twee oft drie na [10] dat ghijs veel hebben wilt

[4] Loock for fresh beef. [5] Take softened bread and verjuice and an egg or two. [6] Take also parsley and garlic. Grind it together and [7] pass it through a sieve with verjuice. And in the [8] garlic where [i.e. if] you do not put any parsley in you shall [9] add a fried apple or two or three according [10] to how many you want.