71. Nootloock

[7 cont.] Nootloock. [8] Neempt wittebroot gheweyct in werm watere loock [9] sout smout ende noten Stoot dat al ontwee Dan doet dat [10] altsamen doer eenen stramijn metten water daer dbroot [11] ingeweyct was Dit gheeft men op doerghedaen erten

[7 cont.] Nut[meg*] Loock. [8] Take white bread softened in warm water, garlic [9] salt, fat and nut[meg*]s. Grind all that together. Then pass it [10] all together through a strainer with the water in which the bread [11] was softened. One serves this over sieved peas.

[* vdNoot usually specifies what kind of nut -- okernoten (walnuts), noten muskaten (nutmegs), etc. I can see no reason to suppose, as J-S and vdM-W do, that this is necessarily and exclusively nutmegs]