72. Een bruyn sause op den carper
A brown sauce over carp

[12] Een bruyn sause op den carper [13] Neempt eenen goeden carper ende siet dien wel mor[14]we Dan doeten vanden viere ende laetten staen in [15] sijn sop Neempt pepercoecke ofte lyefcoecke ende dat [16] sedt te weycke int vette sop vanden carpere dat suldy [17] dan afscheppen vanden ketel met eenen lepele Ende [18] alst gheweyct es so suldy den coecke in stucken wryuen [19] metten seluen lepele seer cleyne emmers so cleyne alst [20] moghelijck es Dan linghet met azine ende wine Dan [21] settet ouer tvier ende latet sieden dat binde Dan doetter [22] inne ghimber caneel ende eenen goeden deel suyckers [23] wat souts ende plucter rosijn inne/ Dit ghietmen ouer [24] al den carpere in die vastenen

[12] A brown sauce over carp. [13] Take a good carp and boil it until it is nicely [14] soft. Then take it from the fire and let it stand in [15] its broth. Take peperkoek or lebkoek and set [16] it to soften in the fat broth of the carp, which you will [17] then ladle off from the kettle with a spoon. And [18] when it is softened so you shall rub the peperkoek [19] into very small pieces with the same spoon, at least as small as [20] is possible. Then thin it with vinegar and wine. Then [21] set it over the fire and let it boil until it thickens. Then add to it [22] ginger, cinnamon and a good amount of sugar [23] some salt and throw a handful of raisins in. One pours this over [24] all carp in fasting time.