74. Om yeleye tot vleesche
To make yeleye [jelly] for meat

[8] Om yeleye tot vleesche. [9] Neemt het achterste boutken vanden hamel oft calfs [10] voeten tghene dat ghy van beyden ghecreyghen cont [11] Dit suldi doen sieden in wytten wijn ende sulck cruyt [12] alser toe behoeft Als die voerseyde calfs voeten of het [13] achterste buytken half ghesoden sal sijn neempt con[14]commeren met stucken ende kiecxkens inde helft ghe[15]sneden seer wel ghesuyuert ende ghewasschen. Dan [16] neemt ghimbere ende greyne luttel ghestooten ende [17] eenen deel sofferaens ende edickx soe vele alst behoeft [18] Als dit ghenoech ghesoden es soe neempt vleesch sop [19] dat ghiet in eenen pot/ dien set op een coel vier tot dat syet [20] Alst ghesoden es soe neempt eenen doeck ende doet de [21] yeleye daer duere alsoe haest als ghyse duer ghedaen [22] hebt. Soe legt uwe concommeren ende uwe [23] kiecxkens in een schotele Dan suldy die schotele setten [24] in watere ende ghiet dan dye voerseyde yeleye in elck [25] schotele Ende es volmaect

[8] To make yeleye [jelly] for meat. [9] Take the hindmost legs of the wether or calves' [10] feet, whichever you can get of either. [11] You shall set this to boil in white wine and such spices [12] as belong to it. When the aforesaid calves' feet or [13] hind legs are half boiled take cucumbers [14] in pieces and chickens cut in half [15] very well cleaned and washed. Then [16] take ginger and grains of paradise ground up and [17] a part of saffron and vinegar as much as is appropriate. [18] When it has boiled enough so take the meat broth, [19] pour it in a pot, which [you] set on a fire of coals until it boils. [20] When it has boiled so take a cloth and pass the [21] jelly through it. As soon as you have done it, [22] so lay your cucumbers and your [23] chickens in a dish. Then you shall set the dish [24] in water and then pour the aforesaid jelly in each [25] dish. And it is ready.