82. Sause binnen der vastenen op carpers
Sauce within fasting-time for [over] carp

[29] Sause binnen der vastenen op carpers [30] Neempt eenen vetten carpere ofte twee dyen siet wel [31] moruwe. Als hi moruwe es so doeten af ende laetten [32] staenin sijn sop Dan schept met eenen lepele dat vets [D2r] te sop af in een cleyn penneken daer suldi toe doen ve[2]le suyckers/ wijn/ ende edick Hyer doet inne wat coecx [3] op dat wat binde. Dan latet staen sieden tot dat wat [4] ghebonden is Dan ghietet op den carpere als hi inde [5] schotel leyt.

[29] Sauce within fasting-time for [over] carp. [30] Take a fat carp or two, which you boil until [31] soft. When he is soft so take him off the fire and let him [32] stand in his broth. Then skim off the fat with a spoon [D2r] from the broth in* a small pannikin, to which you will add much [2] sugar, wine, and vinegar. Put some peperkoek [3] in to bind it a little. Then let it stand to boil until it is a little [4] bound. Then pour it over the carp as he is lying in [5] the dish.

[*It is not clear whether the broth or the fat is the relevant ingredient here - in can mean into]