89. Ghecloven nonnen te maken
To make Ghecloven Nonnen

[5] Ghecloven nonnen te maken. [6] Neempt eyeren ende sietse wel hert. Dan doet hen af [7] haer scellen ende peltse ende soe snijtse ouermydts in [8] der helicht ontwee Dan neempt die doderen vanden [9] seluen eyeren ende stoodt dye in eenen morselle al on[10]twee. maer eerst so doeter luttele sofferaens in caneel [11] ende ghimbere/ sauie/ petercelie Ende wyltmen men [12] doeter oock inne pepere ende appelen. Dan stoot alle [13] dat voerscreuen staet wel ontwee te samen ende vult [14] daer mede dat witte vanden eyeren daer ghi die doren [15] wt ghetrocken hebt. Dan so bact dye eyeren in raept[16]smout oft in botere. Ende alst ghebacken es dan stroyt [17] ment met caneel poedere ende broot suicker te gader [18] gheminghelt opt vulsele Ende als ghi dese eyren ter [19] tafelen dient soe legtse in die schotelen metten openen [20] opweerts Te wetene metten vulsele opweerts

[5] To make Ghecloven Nonnen [cloven nuns]. [6] Take eggs and hard-boil them well. Then take off [7] their shells and peel them and so cut them lengthways [8] into halves. Then take the yolks of the [9] same eggs and grind them up thoroughly in a mortar. [10] But first put in there a little saffron, cinnamon [11] and ginger, sage, parsley. And if one wishes, one [12] also puts pepper and apples into it. Then grind up well everything that has been written earlier and fill [14] therewith the whites of the eggs whose yolks [15] you removed. Then you fry the eggs like this in rape [16] oil or in butter. And when it is fried then one strews [17] it with cinnamon powder and with loaf sugar mixed [18] together onto the filling. And when you serve these eggs to the [19] table so lay them in the dishes with their opening [20] upwards: to wit, with the filling upwards.