94. Om goede pasteyen te maken
To make good pies

[4] Om goede pasteyen te maken Neemt bloeme ende [5] maeckt daer af deech ende doet daer inne eyeren ofte [6] smout om dat het broot vanden pasteien cort sijn soude [7] Ende neempt dat vleesch dat ghi daer in hebben wilt [8] ende cappet wel cleyne na ghelegentheit dat het vleesch [9] es Oft neempt hoenderen oft capuynen oft rints ton[10]ghen of ander wiltbraet ende dat legt al gheheel inde [11] pasteyen ende men pleechtse te larderen met groffels [12] naghelen die wilt ende die sommighe die sniden daer [13] speck inne Ende dat cruyt hier toe es ghimbere/ grey[14]ne/ ende caneele te ghadere gheminghelt. Dyt cruyt [15] moet ghemynghelt sijn metten vleesche alst vleesch [16] wel cleine ghecapt es Dan worpt ment indie pasteyen [17] te gadere ende neemt luttel wijns die wilt ende men leg[18]ter oock inne merck beenderen om dat sy vet sijn sou[19]den Aldus setse inden houen ende laetse backen Dan [20] es si volmaect

[4] To make good pies. Take flour and [5] make dough from it and put therein eggs or [6] fat in order that the crust of the pie will be short. [7] And take the meat that you want to have in there [8] and cut it small as the meat allows. [9] Or take hens or capons or beef tongue [10] or other game and lay that whole in the [11] pie and one must stick them with cloves [12] if one wishes and some cut bacon into it. [13] And the spices for this are ginger, grains of paradise [14] and cinnamon mixed together. These spices [15] must be mixed with the meat when the meat [16] is cut up small. Then one throws it into the pie [17] together and takes a little wine if one wishes and one also lays [18] therein marrow bones because they should be fat. [19] Set it thus in the oven and let it bake. Then [20] it is complete.