95. Noch pasteyen
More pies

[21] Noch pasteyen [22] Neempt botere/ eyeren/ bloeme/ werm watere ende [23] maect daer af deech van al te samen dattere voerseyt [24] es. ende legt daer inne versch vleesch wel cleyne ghe[25]capt oft oock ander dinghen dat ghy daer inne hebben [26] wilt van hoenderen oft van duyuen of wijnbesien of [27] rosijn oft daer na dat den tijt in heeft moechdy daer in[28]ne doen met/ cruyt/ sout/ ende laetse backe.

[21] More pies. [22] Take butter, eggs, flour, warm water and [23] make therefrom dough of everything that was mentioned before [24], and lay therein fresh meat cut up very small [25] or also other things that you want to have in there, [26] of hens or of doves or grapes or [27] raisins or whatever there is in that season you must put in [28] with spices, salt, and let it bake.