107. Pasteyen van hasen
Hare pies

[23] Pasteyen van hasen [24] Pasteien van hasen eest dat groote oude hasen sijn [25] Soe moettyse ontleden al in stucken ende sijn sy cley[26]ne ende ionck Soe doetmense al gheheel in die pastei[27]en Men leyt hier inne cleyn ghrcapt* verckens speck [28] ende men doet hier anders gheen cruit inne dan cleyn [29] cruyt.
[*ghrcapt should read ghecapt]

[23] Hare pies. [24] [For] hare pies, if it be large, old hares [25] so you must cut them up all in pieces, and be they small [26] and young so one puts them all whole into the pies. [27] One lays herein finely chopped pork bacon [28] and one puts in this no other spice but cleyn [29] cruyt [cloves and grains of paradise].