116. Om vleesch taerten te maken
To make meat tarts

[7] Om vleesch taerten te maken Neemt daer toe verc[8]ken vleesch wten buycxken ghesneden ende welghe[9]soden ende dan welghewreuen ontwee daer in herde [10] eyeren ghesoden dye doren daer af wel tegadere ghe[11]minghelt ende cruyt Hier toe doet greyne/ ghiber/ ca[12]neel poeder/ noten muscaten/ groffels naghelen/ folie [13] ende potsuycker alte ghader gheminghelt in dye spy[14]se Ende dat salmen wel laten backen ghelyck eender [15] pasteyen. maer het moet bouen open sijn ghelijck an[16]deren taerten Alst ghebacken es stroytmen met caneele

[7] To make meat tarts. Take for this [8] pork meat cut from the belly and well boiled [9] and then well broken up* [and] therein hard [10] boiled eggs, the yolks of them, well mixed together [11] and spices. Add to this grains of paradise, ginger, cinnamon [12] powder, nutmegs, cloves, mace [13] and pot sugar all mixed together in the dish. [14] And one shall let it bake well, just like a [15] pie. But it must be open on top just like [16] other tarts. When it is baked one strews it with cinnamon. 

[* the word implies beating it]
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