117. Om bruyn taerten te maken
To make a brown tart

[17] Om bruyn taerten te maken. [18] Men sal daer toe nemen moruwen platten case ofte [19] van herde eyeren ghesoden die doderen dair af en wil [20] dise goet hebben Neemt cruyt daer toe Te wete grey[21]ne/ ghimber/ groffels naghelen noten muscaten/ folie [22] ende potsuycere Doet dit altsamen daer in

[17] To make a brown tart. [18] One shall take soft cheese curds or [19] the yolks of hard boiled eggs and if you [20] want to have it good add spices to it, to wit grains [21] of paradise, ginger, cloves, nutmegs, mace [22] and potsugar. Put this all together in [to the tart case].

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