122. Om vasten vladen
For a lenten vladen

[21] Om vasten vladen [22] Neemut melck uan amandelen ende rijs wel ghesto[23]ten ende duer ghedaen Daer suldi oock inne doin ter[24]wen bloeme. Hier toe suldy nemen suyckere ende ca[25]neel poedere met ghimber poedere Minghelt dit al [26] te samen ende doeghet daer inne. Laetse aldus staen [27] backen tot dat si ghenoech sijn Als si ghenoech gebac[28]ken sijn so doetse wte ende laetse staen couwen.

[21] For a lenten vladen. [22] Take almond milk and rice well ground [23] and passed through [a sieve]. You shall also put in to it [24] wheat flour. To this you shall also take sugar and [25] cinnamon powder with ginger powder. Mix this all [26] together and put it in there. Let them stand thus [27] to bake until they are enough. When they are baked [28] enough so take them out and let them stand to cool.

Hoeveelheden en tips (2 porties) Quantities and hints (2 servings)