125. Een andere pameye
Another pameye

[E3v] Een andere pameye [2] Neempt appelen die suer oft amper sijn Die scelt ende [3] snijtse wel ontwee. Dan sietse al moruwe Dye suldy [4] doen fruyten in eenen schoonen pot met boteren dat [5] si alle breken/ Ende neempt dan eyeren ontwee ghe[6]broken met melcke die suldi minhelen ende doendere [7] dan inne sofferaen. minghelet onder een. Dan latet [8] wel sieden op dat dicke werden mach. Alst dic ghenoech [9] es soe stroyt men daer oppe alsment gherecht heft in [10] schotelen caneel poeder met suycker te gader ghemin[11]ghelt Ende aldus eest volmaect. Dyt gheeft men des [12] auons alder eerste in mauieren vae* potaigen. [*mauieren vae - lees manieren van]

[E3v] Another pameye. [2] Take apples which are sour or tart. Peel them and [3] cut them up well. Then boil them until they are soft. You shall [4] fry them in a clean pot with butter so that [5] they all break up. And then take eggs beaten with milk; you shall mix them and add [7] thereto saffron. Mix together. Then let [8] it boil up well until it becomes thick. When it is thick enough [9] so one strews over it - when one has served it in [10] dishes - cinnamon powder mixed together with sugar. [11] And so is it complete. One serves this in the [12] evenings at the beginning, in the manner of pottages.

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