128. Om ghemeyn roffioelen te maken
To make common roffioelen

[3] Om ghemeyn roffioelen te maken Neempt ghym[4]ber suycker ende caneel met soute alte gadere ghemin[5]ghelt dat salmen aldus te gader duwen in eenen ron[6]den clont Dan salment leggen in eenen scheel die ghe[7]drayt es ende so toe ghesloten so voerscreuen staet. Dan [8] salment backen in raeptsmout. maer nyet seer lange [9] Ende alst ghebacken es so salment suyckeren met broot[10]suyckere/

[3] To make common roffioelen. Take ginger, [4] sugar and cinnamon with salt all mixed together; [5] one shall press it thus in a round [6] lump. Then one shall lay it in a flat piece of dough which is turned [7] and closed as is written earlier. Then [8] one shall fry it in rape oil, but not very long. [9] And when it is fried so one shall sugar it with loaf [10] sugar.

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