130. Roffioelen van vleesche
Meat roffioelen

[17] Roffioelen van vleesche [18] Neempt verckens vleesch dat ter maten vet es het [19] moet oock versch sijn Dit selue vleesch hert ghesoden [20] oft maer half ghesoden dat salmen al ontwee cappen [21] ende stooten. Ende hier inne salmen doen dusdany[22]ghen cruyt. als ghimbere/ caneel/ sofferaen/ luttele pe[23]pers/ ende appelen/ Dit salmen alteghadere stooten [24] welcleyne totter voerghenoemder spisen Die bacmen [25] dan al heet inden houen oft so men wilt.

[17] Meat roffioelen. [18] Take pork meat that is fairly fat; it [19] must also be fresh. This same meat, thoroughly boiled [20] or just half boiled, that one shall chop up [21] and grind [in a mortar]. And herein shall one put such [22] spices as ginger, cinnamon, saffron, a little [23] pepper, and apples. One shall grind this up together, [24] very fine, with the aforementioned meat. One bakes these [25] all hot in the oven or as one wishes.

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