131. Om roffioelen te maken van wermoese
To make roffioelen of green leaf vegetables

[26] Om roffioelen te maken van wermoese. Men sal [27] nemen wermoes ende petercelie elcx al euen vele [28] Dat salmen te samen wel cleyne scheruen also salment [29] dan broeyen ofte lutelken laten sieden. Alst ghesoden [30] es so salment wel cleyne stooten Dan salmen nemen [31] terwen bloeme ende die te ghaderen mynghelen ghe[32]lijck duenne deech. Dan salmen nemen inghelschen [E4v] case seer cleyne ghemalen ofte seere cleyne ghebriselt [2] ende minghelen metten deeghe hier af salmen maken [3] lange smalle duenne cloncten ende sieden dye in een [4] panne met water herde wel Als dye herde wel gheso[5]den sijn soe salmen dit uut doen met eenen vischspane. [6] Dan salmense legghen te versipen. Als die versepen [7] sijn so salmen nemen schoon schotelen ende legghen[8]der daer inne Te weten in elck schotel twee oft drye oft [9] viere. Daer na salmen nemen botere ende smeltense [10] inde scotelen ende men sal nemen van dyen case ende [11] stroyenden daer oppe. Dan neempt lombaerts [12] poedere dat stroyter oock op Ghy sult weten datmen [13] dyt in lombaerdyen pleecht te gheuen des auonts ende [14] des noenens in die stadt van wermoese inden eersten [15] eermen yet anders diende.

[26] To make roffioelen of green leaf vegetables*. One shall [27] take green leaf vegetables and parsley, of each the same amount. [28] One shall chop them together very fine; then one shall [29] blanch them or simmer them a very little. When it is cooked [30] so one shall grind them small [in a mortar]. Then one shall take [31] wheat flour and mix them [all the ingredients] together just like [32] thin dough. Then one shall take English [E4v] cheese* ground or crumbled very small [2] and mix it with the dough; from this one shall make [3] long, narrow, thin lumps and boil them thoroughly [4] in a pan with water. When they are thoroughly boiled [5] so one shall take them out with a fish slice. [6] Then one shall lay them to drain. When they are [7] drained so one shall take clean dishes and lay [8] them therein. To wit, in each dish two or three or [9] four. After that one shall take butter and melt it [10] in the dishes and one shall take some [more] of that cheese and [11] scatter it over. Then take Lombard [12] powder; strew that also on top. You shall know that [13] in Lombardy one customarily serves this in the evening and [14] at noon in the place of vegetables at the beginning [of the meal] [15] before one serves anything else.

* chard
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