135. Om gharneye te maken
To make gharneye

[12] Om gharneye te maken Neemt terwe ende dye doet [13] af haer paeldyen met eenen stootere in eenen mortier [14] ende laetse weycken ende sietse dan datse clieue. Als si [15] gheclouen es. Soe doetse in een forseerbecken daer in [16] laetse versipen. Dan neempt melck dat opten seluen [17] dach ghemolcken es ende siet dat Alst siet ende ment [18] siet dat nyet en rinde so neempt doderen van eyeren [19] sofferaen/ ende meelsuyckere/ ende doet dat daerinne [20] maer siet dat ghy elcke alleene daer inne doet. ende la[21]tent dan sieden dat binde Alst siet so settet op werm [22] asschen Dan es si volmaect Dit machmen geuen tot [23] herten vleessche oft rintvleessche dat drooghe es het si [24] ghesouten oft versch

[12] To make gharneye. Take wheat and take off [13] the husks with a pestle in a mortar [14] and let them soften and boil them until they burst. When they [15] are burst, so put them in a strainer; let them [16] cool therein. Then take milk which is milked [17] on the same day and boil it. When it boils and one sees [18] that it does not curdle, then take egg yolks, [19] saffron, and meal sugar, and put them therein, [20] but see that you put each thing in separately and let [21] it boil so that it binds. When it boils so set it on warm [22] ashes/embers. Then it is ready. One may serve this for [23] venison or beef that is dry [i.e. has no sauce], be it [24] salted or fresh.

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