137. Saveraet tot kieckenen
Saveraet for chickens

[F1v] Saveraet tot kieckenen. [2] Neempt ionghe kiecxkens ende die ontleet al tot cley[3]nen stucxkens die suldi smoren in een panne met versch [4] verckens smout. Dan neemt wat aiuyns ende stoef[5]ter dien met dan neemt die leueren vanden kieckenen [6] die tempert met vleessope Doetter oock inne wat ge[7]bryselt broot op dat daer af bynden mach. maer ghy [8] moetet doen duer eenen stramijn. Doetter oock inne [9] ghestooten wytten ghimbere ende veriuys dan sou[10]tet wel van passe.

[F1v] Saveraet for chickens. [2] Take young chickens and cut them up completely into small pieces, which you will stew in a pan with fresh [4] pork fat. Then take some onions and stew them [5] therewith then take the livers of the chickens [6] and mix them with meat broth. Add also some [7] breadcrumbs to bind it, but you [8] must pass it through a sieve. Add thereto also [9] white ginger and verjuice then [10] salt it just enough.

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