140. Om te maken een harecot
To make a harecot

[F2r] Om te maken een harecot [2] Neempt dye borst van eenen hamele ende braet die [3] op eenen ruestere oft aen eenen spet Als die ghebraden [4] es soe ontleetse al met cleynen stucxkens also doetse in [5] eenen pot. Neempt ghepelden aiuyn ende dyen stoot [6] oft snijt seer wel cleyne dan doetten in den pot metten [7] vleessche Neempt dan witten ghimbere caneele ende [8] cleyncruyt Dats te weten groffels naghelen ende grey[9]ne Dese specien minghelt met veriuys Aldus so rech[10]tet in scotelen. maer siet dat wel van passe ghesouten sy

[F2r] To make a harecot. [2] Take the breast of a wether and roast it [3] on a grid or on a spit. When it is roasted [4] so cut it all up in small pieces and put it in [5] a pot. Take peeled onion[s] and mash [6] or cut it/them very small indeed then put it in the pot with the [7] meat. Then take white ginger, cinnamon and [8] cleyncruyt, that is, to wit, cloves and grains of paradise. [9] Mix these spices with verjuice. So serve [10] it thus in dishes, but see that is it salted correctly.

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