141. Aldus salmen faysanten en pauwan bereyden
Thus shall one prepare pheasant and peacock

[11] Aldus salmen faysanten en pauwan bereyden maict [12] die schoone alsoe dat behoort ende al ghereet om gaen [13] te braden aen eenen spet Ende als dye half ghebraden [14] sijn soe lardeert dye met groffels naghelen ende om [15] twee schotelen een onche cleyncruyts/ ghestooten grei[16]ne groffels naghelen swert peper noten muscaten ende [17] twee onchen ghestooten caneels Dan neemt een half [18] waelpuyt rooswaters ende een half waelpuyt edycx [19] dit doet opden roost. Vergadert die specien ende doet [20] dit duer eenen stramijn In deser sausen salmen doen [21] een vierendeel suyckers ende neemt een half pont ca[22]neels dan neempt een bolleken eyiuyns dat doet int [23] suyckere ghelijck men andere specien doet/ Ende als [24] den roost ghetrocken sal sijn wt den spete so legtten [25] in schotelen so bestroyten met canele. Dan doet[26]ter vander sausen op Te weten in dye schotele sonder [27] die spise te ghenaken. Dese sause es oock goet tot alle [28] roosten

[11] Thus shall one prepare pheasant and peacock. Make [12] them clean as is appropriate and ready to go [13] to roast on a spit. And when they are half roasted [14] so stick them with cloves and for [15] two dishes an ounce [each] of cleyncruyt, [that is] crushed grains of paradise [16] [and] cloves, black pepper, nutmegs and [17] two ounces of crushed cinnamon. Then take half a [18] pint of rosewater and half a pint of vinegar; [19] put this on the roast. Assemble the spices and put [20] them through a sieve. In this sauce one shall put [21] a quarter [of a pound] of sugar and take half a pound of [22] cinnamon, then take a bowl of onions and put it in the [23] sugar just as one puts other spices. And when [24] the roast meat is taken dry from the spit so lay it [25] in dishes and strew it with cinnamon. Then put [26] some of the sauce with it, to wit, in the dish without [27] touching the meat. This sauce is also good for all [28] roast meat.

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