142. Wildi maken een goede spise
If you want to make a good dish

[29] Wildi maken een goede spise So neemt een coe ton[30]ghe ende eenen oerbairt van eender coe/ Dese salmen [31] sieden. Als die ghesoden sijn so snijt dye tonghe al in [F2v] cleynen stucxkens ende oock dyen oerbaert te wetene [2] also cleyne als boonen/ Dan fruyt dyt met vette ende [3] neempt wat aiuyns die snijt oock in cleynen stucken [4] Dan ruest dien metten anderen Ende ghi sult hier toe[5]nemen ghimber poedere gheminghelt met veriuys [6] ende met wat gheweyct broots. Doet hier oock inne [7] sofferaen om hooghe verwe te gheuen

[29] If you want to make a good dish, so take a cow's tongue [30] and a cow's udder. One shall [31] boil these. When they are boiled so cut the tongue into [F2v] small pieces and also the udder, to wit, [2] as small as beans. Then fry this with fat and [3] take some onions; cut them also into small pieces. [4] Then roast them with the others. And you shall take hereto [5] ginger powder mixed with verjuice [6] and with some softened bread. Add also herein [7] saffron to give it a high colour.

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