145. Om kieckenen te vullen ende te stouen
To stuff and to stew chickens

[27] Om kieckenen te vullen ende te stouen Neempt ee[28]nen nyeuwen pot ende legt dye ghevulde kyeckenen [29] daer inne Dan decse seer wel so datter gheenen roock [30] wt en ga. Ende als die ghesoden sijn suldi nemen een [31] half waelpuyt edycx ende een onche cleyn cruyts. dyt [32] doet alte samen inden pot ende een vyerendeel pour [F3r] de duck. Ende als si ghenoech sijn soe doeghet in scho[2]telen Vindi dan datse vet sijn blaest dat vette wat [3] af ende es ghemaect

[27] To stuff and to stew chickens. Take a [28] new pot and lay the stuffed chickens [29] therein. Then cover them very well so that no steam [30] gets out. And when they are boiled you shall take half [31] a waelpuyt of vinegar and an ounce of cleyncruyt [cloves and grains of paradise]. Put [32] this all together in the pot and a quarter of poudre [F3r] de duc. And when they are [cooked] enough so put then in [2] dishes. If you find theh that they are too fatty blow some of the fat [3] off and it is done.

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