148. Om ghedopte eyeren te maken
To make ghedopte eyeren

[F3v] Om ghedopte eyeren te maken [2] Neempt eyeren ende slaetse in siedende watere oft in [3] heete botere oft in smout elck besonder in eenen lepel [4] oft in een panne Men doetter oock wel twee ofte drie [5] tsmaels. maer dan en keertse men niet. Ende als men [6] se besonder bact soe mach mense keeren. maer laetse [7] daer niet langhe in liggen. Dan legtse in een scotel ende [8] stroytse met wat peper poeder ende sout

[F3v] To make ghedopte eyeren [dipped eggs]. [2] Take eggs and throw them in simmering water or in [3] hot butter or in oil, each separately, in a spoon [4] or in a pan. One also puts two or three [5] at a time, but then one does not turn them. And when one [6] fries them separately one may turn them, but let them [7] not lie in there long. Then lay them in a dish and [8] strew them with some pepper powder and salt.

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