149. Stuer van uccle te maken
To make stuer van Uccle

[9] Stuer van uccle te maken [10] Neempt eyeren ende sietse wel hert Dan doet hen af [11] haer pellen ende snijtse ouermids in twe ghelijcke dee[12]len ende legtse so in een scotel metten doren nederweert [13] Dan neemt botere ende smelt dye in een panne Als die botere [14] ghesmolten is doeter in mostaert ende minghelt dat wel [15] onder een Alst wel onder een ghemenghelt es so ghie[16]tet op die eyeren Ende es volmaect

[9] To make stuer van Uccle. [10] Take eggs and hard-boil them. Then take [11] their shells off and cut them lengthways in two similar pieces [12] and lay them thus in a dish with the yolks underneath. [13] Then take butter and melt it in a pan. When the butter [14] is melted put mustard therein and mix it well [15] together. When it has been well mixed so pour [16] it over the eggs. And it is complete.

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