150. Brisiert eyeren te maken
To make brisiert eyeren

[17] Brisiert eyeren te maken [18] Neempt botere ende wijn ende laet dat sieden tsamen [19] Daer inne slaet eyeren ende ruertse teghadere ouer [20] een saecht vier dat niet te heet en si Hier suldy in doin [21] luttelken suyckers ende caneel poedere Hier op stroyt [22] men brootsuycker als mense dient om tetene

[17] To make brisiert eyeren (scrambled eggs). [18] Take butter and wine and let them boil together. [19] Throw eggs into it and stir them together over [20] a gentle fire that is not too hot. Herein you shall put [21] a little sugar and cinnamon powder. Over this one [22] strews loaf sugar when one serves it for eating.

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