152. Pareye te maken
To make pareye

[29] Pareye te maken. [30] Neempt tsop van erten alsse half ghesoden sijn ende [31] datse beghinnente clieuen. Dan neemt cruymen van [32] broode ende stootse in eenen mortyer dat maect duen[F4r]ne metten seluen sope ende laet dat wel sieden. Ende [2] doet daer inne comijn/ sofferaen/ ghefruytten ayiuyn [3] ende oock andere cruyt/ van dies ghy lyefste hebt. soe [4] hebdi goede pareye Inde vastenen doetmen inde pa[5]reye rosijn

[29] To make pareye. [30] Take the broth of peas when they are half cooked and [31] begin to break up. Then take crumbs of [32] bread and grind them in a mortar; make it thin [F4r] with the same broth and let it boil well. And [2] put therein cumin, saffron, fried onion [3] and also other spices, whichever you like best. Thus [4] you have good pareye. In Lent one puts raisins [5] in the pareye.

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