154. Om soppen van amandelen
To make almond soup

[12] Om soppen van amandelen [13] Neemt vanden besten amandelen melcke dat ghi crigen cont [14] Ende eest dat ghi wilt doet dair in rosinen Laet dat also [15] dan te gader sieden tot dat dicke es Ende wilt men men mach [16] daer toe nemen sofferaen daer layet een scoon verwe af [17] Dit doetmen op die soppe ghelijck parey soppen. Dan [18] stroyter men in dleste suycker op

[12] To make almond soup. [13] Take of the best almond milk that you can obtain. [14] And if you want, put raisins in it. Let it [15] boil thus together until it is thick. And if one wants, one may [16] take thereto saffron; that lays a beautiful colour on it. [17] One puts this over the soup just like parey soup. Then [18] one strews sugar over it at the last moment.

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