165. Om goeden finen witten clareyt te maken
To make good fine white clareyt

[24] Om goeden finen witten clareyt te maken. [25] Neemt twee vierendeel ende een half pinte witten wijn of [26] petau Dan neemt van dien wijn een lettel ende maecten werm [27] in dien wijn doet bruyn suycker ende rueret so lange tot [28] dat dit suicker al wel ghesmolten es in dien wermen wijn [29] Dan mingelt daer in een once ende een half once van de[30]sen na volghende poeder wel ende seer Dan suldijt ghie[31]ten duer den sack acht oft neghe weruen ende clarify[32]ceret Dyts dat poedere Neempt wt ghelesen caneel [G1v] witten ghimber/ greyne lanck peper/ galigaen calini aromatici coriander asi. Maect hier af poedere ende laet al met duer loopen

[24] To make good fine white clareyt. [25] Take two vierendeel [approx. 1.3 litres or 2 pints each] and a half pint of white wine or [26] [wine of] Poitou. Then take a little of this wine and make it warm; [27] into this wine put brown sugar and stir it as long [28] until the sugar is all well melted in the warm wine. [29] Then thoroughly mix into it an ounce and a half of this [30] following powder. Then you shall pour [31] it through the sack eight or nine times and clarify [32] it. This is the powder. Take fine cinnamon [G1v] white ginger, grains of paradise, long pepper, galingale, sweet flag [Acorus calamus], coriander in equal parts. Make powder of this and let it all run through [the sack] together.

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