167. Om temaken finen gheluwen clareyt
To make fine yellow clareyt

[24] Om temaken finen gheluwen clareyt [25] Neempt een half pinte vleemsschen zeem ende een [26] vierendeel waters Dit salmen sieden ouer een Oock so [27] salment wel schuymen Alst wel ghesoden es so doe[28]ghet vanden viere. Dan neemt caneel wytten ghim[29]bere elcx een halue onche Groffels naghelen/ greyne [30] elckx twee dragina Noten muscaten/ ghaligaen/ soffe[31]raen elckx een dragina. Lanck pepere een schorpele. [32] Maeckt hier af poedere ende doeghet in een quaerte [G2r] wit wijns ende mynghelt dyt alte samen inden wijn [2] ende in dat zeem voerseyt Dit ghedaen sijnde So gie[3]tet duer den sack acht oft negen weruen tot dat claer ge[4]noech es Maer den sack moet bouen wel ghedect sijn [5] dat dye locht niet wt en sla ende dat vat datter ondere [6] staet moet oock wel ghedect sijn dat die locht nyet wte [7] en sla Ghi sult oock weten dat wijn bastairt oft rome[8]nie es beter daertoe dan anderen wijn Item men sal [9] weten dat rooden wijn van spaengnien die men seyt [10] tentuere es goet boven alle anderen winen Item men [11] sal weten dat alle clareyten sijn beter van eenen dage [12] out dan ionghere

[24] To make fine yellow clareyt. [25] Take half a pint of Flemish honey and a [26] vierendeel [approx. 1.3 litres or 2 pints] of water. One shall boil this together. Also [27] one shall skim it well. When it is well boiled so take [28] it from the fire. Then take cinnamon, white [29] ginger, each half an ounce. Cloves, grains of paradise [30] each two drachms. Nutmegs, galingale, saffron [31] each a drachm [3.9 g]. Long pepper a scruple [1.2 g]. From this make powder and put it in a quart of [G2r] white wine and mix this all together in the wine [2] and in the aforesaid honey. This being done, so pour [3] it through the sack eight or nine times until it is clear [4] enough. But the sack must be well covered above [5] so that the air does not escape and the vat which stands underneath [6] must also be covered so that no air [7] escapes. You shall also know that bastard wine or Greek wine [8] is better for this than other wine. Item. One shall [9] know that red wine from Spain, which one calls [10] vino tinto is good above all other wines. Item. One [11] shall know that all clareyts are better one day [12] old than younger.

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