169. Om te maken goeden finen ypocras
To make good fine ypocras

[23] Om te maken goeden finen ypocras [24] Neempt eenen stoop ende een half pinte rooden wijn [25] hier toe doet also veel fonteynen Dit set opt vier ende [26] latent sieden met eendere onchen tornysol tot dat dye [27] tornisol haer verwe gheschoten heeft Dan settet van [28] den viere ende duwet dye tornisol wte metten handen. [29] Dan neempt viere onchen gheschuymden ende ghe[30]suyuerden zeem. Dan minghelt daer inne caneele [31] drye onchen ende eene halue wytten ghymbere eene [32] dragyna/ greyne/ groffels naghelen/ coryandere elckx [G2v] acht greynen. Dan ghietet al te samen doer den sack [2] als bouen

[23] To make good fine ypocras. [24] Take a stoop and a half of red wine; [25] hereto put the same amount of spring water. Set this on the fire and [26] let it boil with an ounce of turnsole until the [27] turnsole has given up its colour. Then set it off [28] the fire and squeeze the turnsole out with the hands. [29] Then take four ounces of skimmed and [30] purified honey. Then mix therein cinnamon [31] three ounces and a half, white ginger a [32] drachm, grains of paradise, cloves, coriander, each [G2v] eight grains. Then pour it all together through the sack [2] as above.

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