173. Om quecruyt te make
To make quecruyt 

[5] Om quecruyt te make [6] Neemt queappelen ende dye scelt Dan doet hen [7] die kernen wte ende sietse in wijn tot datmense [8] duer slaen mach. Als si doer gheslaghen sijn neemt al[9]soe veel goets ghescuymden honich/ ende dit ghesoden [10] tot dattet seer dicke es/ ende ghi sullet proeuen op een [11] saucier Alst bicans ghenoech es so salmen daer cruyt [12] inne doen Ja op datment ghecruyt wilt hebben ende [13] dan suldijt sieden tot dat weeck ghenoech es dye wyle [14] dat heet es so salment indoosen doen/ oft in bussen oft [15] in glasen Maer eerst salmen die doosen met poer be[16]stroyen/ doer daencleuen Ende somighe doen daer in [17] honich dat een vierendeel ende dandere voerts suyckere [18] Die somighe nemen al gheheel suyckere voerden ho[19]nich Item dit navolghende cruyt salmen daer inne [20] doen/ caneele/ naghelen/ noten/ elcx een vierendel gim[21]ber/ lancpeper/ folie elcx een half onche

[5] To make quecruyt [quince paste]. [6] Take quinces and peel them. Then take [7] the seeds out and boil them in wine until one [8] can sieve them. When they are sieved take [9] the same quantity of good skimmed honey and this [mixture] boiled [10] until it is very thick, and you shall test it on a [11] saucer. If by chance it is [thick] enough so one shall put [12] spices into it. Yes, if one wants spices, and [13] then you shall boil it until it is soft enough; while [14] it is hot one shall put it in boxes or in canisters or [15] in glasses. But first one shall strew the cases with powder, [16] against sticking. And some put in [17] honey, one fourth part and the other three parts sugar. [18] Some take only sugar instead of honey. [19] Item. One shall put the following spices in, [20] cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, each a quarter; ginger [21], long pepper, mace each half an ounce.

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