1 White bruwet for capons, pullets or veal
2 Blancmangier
3 To make a bruwet
4 To make blancmangier for fish, pike or barbel or other fishes serving this purpose or needing blancmangier
5 To make kimmeneyde raw or special i.e. only the sauce
6 To make kimmeneyde on fowl
7 To make a kimmeney on porc meat outside lent period
8 To make a kimmeney during lent period
9 You should know that in kimmeney no other spices are used except cumin and saffron
10 To make jelly
11 To make another jelly
12 To make jelly outside Lent
13 To boil tench or eel to put in jelly
14 The same for salted eel
15 To cook carp or pike
16 To boil all kind of salted fish
17 To make 12 portions of jelly
18 To boil lobster
19 To prepare whelks
20 To prepare harbour porpoise with ...
21 To prepare a lamprey
22 To prepare lamprey
23 To prepare ray
24 To fry smelt or other fishes such as carp, plaice or any fish you prefer
25 To make a "ganselsie" outside Lent
26 To make "ganselsie" during Lent
27 To make an almond sauce during Lent
28 To make a "mandrice"
29 To make a green sauce
30 Take eel and cut it in pieces
31 A sauce to veal or chickens
32 To make "bipeper" for hare
33 To make a sauce to larks
34 A "bipeper" to lobster
35 Pig or fowl with "drossieren"
36 To make a "subbulet" to geese intestins or venison or wether
37 To make meat or fish stew with wine or herbes
38 To make fowl with pig
39 To make mortrew (mortress)
40 To make galentine with ray
41 To make a brown sauce
42 To prepare pike and eel
43 To prepare pardridge
44 A sauce to rabbit
45 A sauce to rabbit or fat fowl
46 To make a soup
47 To make venison with soup
48 To make venison with soup of wild goats
49 A sauce to eel
50 To make a good sauce
51 To make a cold sauce
52 To make an excellent sauce
53 "Peper" for swans
54 "Bipeper" for game
55 "Garfereyden" for game
56 "Bipeper" or "paveraet" for beef
57 "Jespi" or sauce to capons
58 Sauce to herons or capons roasted at Whitsun
To make a green sauce for salted beef or allis shad during Lent or outside Lent to wether
60 Another green sauce
61 Sauce for ray
62 Sauce for carp
63 Pickle for a capon
64 Pickle for carp
65 Garlic sauce for geese
Loock for fresh beef
67 Loock for cod
68 Green loock for eels
69 Mocloock
70 Vinegar Loock
71 Nootloock
72 A brown sauce over carp
73 To [make] a good sauce
74 To make yeleye [jelly] for meat
To prepare pigs' tripe
76 To make rice
To make a galantine of pike
78 Larded milk
79 If you wish to make a good moertroel
To boil all venison that is fresh
81 To prepare eel
82 Sauce within fasting-time for carp
To make a suypen for an ill or sick person
To make a wine suypen for veal or lamb
If a candeel has run
Almond milk
To make liefcoecken to put in all sorts of sauces [24] where one must use them
Stuffing for chickens or doves
To make Ghecloven Nonnen
To make Lombard Eggs
To make a calijsken
To make a prosint of almonds 
93 For beef pies
94 To make good pies
95 More pies
96 Pies of veal
97 Capon pies
98 To make pies of capons which have been cut in pieces
99 To make chicken pie to serve with Sauce Robert
100 Pigeon pies
101 Pies of blackbirds
102 Pies of sparrows
103 Pies of wild duck
104 To prepare pies of geese
105 If you want to make partridge pies
For rabbit pies
107 Hare pies
108 Venison pies
109 To make a pasty of marrow
110 Easter pasties
111 [Conger] eel pies
112 Pies of halibut
113 Pies of gurnard
114 Pies of bream
115 Pies of salmon
116 To make meat tarts
117 To make a brown tart
118 If you want to make cheese tarts of soft cheese
119 To make lecfriten or gouwieren
120 To make cream vladen
121 Another about vladen
122 For a lenten vladen
123 Apple tarts
124 To bake pameie in the oven
125 Another pameye
126 To make lenten pancakes
127 To make roffioelen from apples and nuts together
128 To make common roffioelen
129 Lenten roffioelen
130 Meat roffioelen
131 To make roffioelen of green leaf vegetables
Lenten struyven
133 Struyven out of Lententide
134 To bake carp whole in the oven
135 To make gharneye
136 To boil all kinds of fish, salted or unsalted
137 Saveraet for chickens
138 To make a sauce of walnuts to serve with capons
139 Fried cream
140 To make a harecot
141 Thus shall one prepare pheasant and peacock
142 If you want to make a good dish
143 To prepare gaffereyden of fish
144 To make holy water for pike
145 To stuff and to stew chickens
146 To make a calijsken
147 If you want to make good rice
148 To make ghedopte eyeren
149 To make stuer van Uccle
150 To make brisiert eyeren
151 To make gheruert eyeren
152 To make pareye
153 Roffioelen of meat
154 To make almond soup
155 To make sluperkens or roffioelen of marrow
156 To make ieleye
157 To make quaetbeleyt
158 Item. For all boiled venison one makes pepper in the winter
159 Item. All red sugar put in dishes
160 Item. All red sugar is pot sugar
161 Sauce for bream
162 Another sauce for bream
163 Pepper for roasted/fried veal
164 White brewet for capons
165 To make good fine white clareyt
166 To make fine red clareyt
167 To make fine yellow clareyt
168 To make a stoop of good fine ypocras
169 To make good fine ypocras
170 Yet another way to make ypocras
171 Yet another way to make good fine ypocras
172 Thus shall one purify and skim the honey
173 To make quecruyt
174 Men maecht oock maken aldus
175 To make green ginger