Welcome to WiMedia


In my job I travel a lot all over the world and have to spend a lot of time waiting in airports, hotels, customers offices, driving long distances by car,... In those rather unproductable moments I often generate ideas for products and services both online as offline.


Some of them have been succesfully commercialized. Unfortunately, I can't realize them all by myself mainly because of lack of time but certainly as well because some mean huge capital investments, some need extra knowledge, some demand connections in a specific industry and surely as well because I can’t really choose between the one or the other. It feels a bit like choosing between your children...


To avoid forgetting them, I have been writing them down -when I was young on seperate papers- in Moleskine notebooks for the last years, waiting for the right time to bring them to market.


And I’m not the only one. Troughout the years I had the luck to meet people from all over the world with brilliant ideas that for whatever reason didn’t get much further than the conceptual phase.

More info will follow here on WiMedia, a no-nonsense website dedicated in marketing & sales of intellectual property to corporates, governments, SMB’s. The tagline of WiMedia says it all but here’s already a litle bit more on what we do:


* Idea Vault: inventors and creators can find a safe harbor for their ideas that they don't want to or can't commercialize by themselves

* venture capitalists and other investors can find early stage investment possibilities and get involved right from the start

* corporates can find fresh new ideas and even can order new product ideas on demand to be generated by our team of independent thinkers
* brainstorm sessions in-house at corporates or SMB’s together with one of our thinkers, a guarantee for new commercally viable ideas

* ideas to better the world will be made public free of charge for politicians and world leaders


Contact me at wimedia@telenet.be if you can’t wait untill the site is online.

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