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Here you'll discover everything about my main hobby, gaming. Both wargaming in all its incarnations, an old passion that started about sixteen years ago, and the more recent console gaming.

Sunday, 21st March 2004

Not a whole lot of gaming going on today. Between clearing the garden sheds, preparing the lawn for coming spring, doing the laundry and other chores around the house there aren't enough hours left in the day to do much gaming. I did manage to get around to getting my gamesroom organized. I recently moved from a small one bedroom flat to a rather large house (with garden and own forest) and I now have the luxury of being able to set up a gamesroom and a painting room! At last, all the place I ever dreamt about to store my collection of boardgames and miniatures. Of course I now have to spend more time on housekeeping, you can't have it all.
Now I can start to organize my collection and make an inventory as well. In the end you'll be able to check it out on this site. A passing tribute to my "Unpainted Lead (and plastic, resin, plaster,...) Syndrome".
The last few weeks I have been busy with two things: playing Steel Battalion on my Xbox and getting Battlefield Gothic out again. I bought it more than two years ago when I was in England and put the ships together. And after that I put on a shelf. Recently my interest was rekindled, quickly jumping to one of my gaming buds. I'm looking out ot get a copy of the rules for him on eBay and have started painting up some of the ships.

Monday, 22nd March 2004

Still organizing my collection, but the end is in sight. Tomorrow I have to start very early, so not a lot else will be done. Just checking a couple of the Galaxy games I'm playing in, the first turn reports for the week are coming in. The first one wasn't looking good, I lost one of the handfull of planets I have. An early raid left me lagging behind in the production war. One of the other games is the final stage, with me on top. The final assault will be launched this turn.
I did manage to start building a model of a BM-8-24 (WW2 era Russian rocket launcher on a light tank chassis) that I want to use with my WH40K Imperial Guard. The Russian instructions wouldn't be that bad, if only the drawing would be a bit clearer. Well, at less than 15 Euro it sure beats GW prices.