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Ever wanted anything so bad...and actually got it? :),
Say hi to our new guitarplayer Kevin Depoorter and drummer Roberto Devos!!!
Prepare yourselves for Citizinsane 2.0

New gigs added for 2017! Check it out!

Review from metal up yours:
CitiZinsane - Murder.
Ok, I have not been able to get my filthy little hands on this release yet but it will happen.
This Bruges band (actually they are from Roeselare, but I wil not hold it against them) plays metal that reminds of Iron Maiden and Pantera,
but no way they are just copying. Great catchy riffing, tight drumming and the vocals...do I hear Phil Anselmo somewhere?
Yes I do, but once again in a good way, not just a copy. To combine aggression, anger, melody and a great deal of emotion
without making me want to puke means only one thing...Steven Verstraete is very a talented singer!!

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