Now imagine that you can communicate and cooperate with your environment:

1. Customer Value
As a start, just ask yourself: how well do I know and handle my customer claims?
The short term look is about cost-efficiency, the broader look is about the lifetime value of your customers.

2. Stakeholder Value
Now, step back and ask yourself: how stakeholder oriented is my company?
Do I consider all of them? How to gain their interest in order to get more resources and realize my objectives?

3. Business environment Value
And take two steps backwards and see how well you integrate in your business environment. Do I dissatisfy them with my behaviour or products? Let’s take a fresh look and start.

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Imagine that you can see:

1. On your radar screen:
the customer experience, do you know what will improve their loyalty and make them buy more?

2. On your sonar screen:
the satisfaction level of your stakeholders, how can you increase their involvement?

3. With a great dept sonar:
the dissatisfaction level of your environment for example the authority, an interest group, social networks…

Because your Business Environment is in control, you have 3 ways
to increase the corporate value.