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Welcome to the webpages devoted to the

World Popular Song Festival


Based on Yamaha's philosophy of "sharing the joy of music with people everywhere",

the World Popular Song Festival became in its 20-year history one of the most eagerly anticipated

and most prestigeous song contests on the international music scene.


Not only did the original entries presented at the Festival contain a large number of future hits every year,

they still hold today many treasured memories for people of all ages and nationalities.


May these webpages contribute to the philosophy of Mr Genichi Kawamaki

(former President of the Yamaha Music Foundation and founder of the WPSF):


"Music is the common language of all mankind.

Disdaining political and economic boundaries,

the joys of music form an instantly communicated bond between men everywhere,

and this international festival is dedicated to that spirit."


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WPSF 1979

Two additional Bonnie Tyler albums (cover art - Japan only) with "Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean"

(Thanks to Mr. Reikdal from Brazil)


WPSF 1984

Personal WPSF memories from 1984 participant Ms Jodie Rocco