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Welcome on our website!!
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Belgium Grenadiers 1914


Almost everything, as long it’s about WWI or WWII.

Guiding in the Salient, Verdun, Arnhem, Bastogne,... in the uniforms of those days,

· a lot of research (What happened here? What did my grandfather?)

· exhibitions, ...

· brochures,

· Movies,…

· Commemorations,...

We love to take people around the battlefields, in uniforms of that battle,

sometimes we do “Living History” and “Re-enacting”.

You name it, we do it!

As we are a lot on the front, please excuse us for the work we’ll still need to do about this website...


What is W.R.P.?

Keeping the memory alive about what has happened here, some 100 years ago.

We’ll Remember them!

Let us introduce ourselves:

Already 1
5 years WRP is doing some researches about what has happen in POPS during the First World War. We made great brochures and are very famous for our Guidance on the Front in real Uniforms of those days!
We do also
Living History of almost all soldiers of the WWI and WWII, exept USA and Waffen SS.
And we are doing a lot of
movie work. ;-)
For some years, we were supported by the Europ
ean Community for our work on the ADS, CCS and other hospital sites in our region.
We are a proud member of
the Guild of Battlefield Guides since the beginning of that Guild. Still a long way to go, but one at a time! ;-)

Hope you enjoy this site!
and see you in POPS!