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Premiere 6: replace the MS DV codec with a better DV codec?
How to create a DVD, starting from Premiere?
How to make the DVRaptor work with Ulead's upcoming Media Studio 6.5?
How to configure the Dell Precision 330 Workstation for DV editing?
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top | more>> scoop: first beta review RT.X100
June 25, 2002

Thanks to DVLine's Kenneth S. Bell, is able to give you the first ever hands-on review. Read the article, see the screenshots and make up your mind: is it worth it, will Matrox survive the DV battle and is it the right card for the money for you?

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Avid XpressDV3: the Dom Q. Silverio review
April 13, 2002 is one of the first to give you an exclusive hands-on review on Avid XpressDV3. In it's third version, this is one of the top DV editors around. Over 100 RT effects, purely in software without any additional hardware, the unique Avid way of working, it's ruggedness and the possibility of running it on desktops as well as on laptops, on both Windows 2000 and Mac OSX make it the perfect tool for corporate producers and independent videographers. Dom Q. Silverio is one of those, and that makes him the perfect guy to review XDV3 for us. Read his review!

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|SCOOP| Edition.DV: first beta review ever!
April 4, 2002

Once and again: you can read it first here, at! This time, we got the first ever beta copy of Edition.DV that got out to the press. No other magazine or website, not even the Pinnacle company website has information on Edition.DV. We offer you a full beta-review, complete with screenshots and lots more info. Pinnacle wants this software to be a Premiere-basher, and at €699 it can do a lot of damage. Read what it can and can't and if it will fit the bill for you.

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|SCOOP| Canopus CWS100: new RexEdit?
February 24, 2002

Canopus is about to introduce the CWS100, a broadcast editing system, to the market. It's fully DV25 and based on the DVRexRT. knows for a fact from inside Canopus that the new RexEdit will be derived from this software. The CWS will almost certainly be on display at next NAB in April, 2002. Go and have a look at it, because that's very likely almost the same as you'll be getting on your Storms and DVRex's by the end of the year/early 2003. But this is still speculation. What we can give you right now is this: a full overview of the CWS100, complete with screenshots. Enjoy!

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Pinnacle Pro-ONE: two reviews online
August 28, 2001

The Pro-ONE from Pinnacle looks set to be a very competitive card. It offers many features not yet seen in this price class (1200 USD), while being backed aggressively by Pinnacle. It's now available online from most major retailer and integrators. We found two great reviews, written by two good integrators. Please go on, and read what Ashley Guy from Guy Graphics and DVLine's think of Pinnacle's new card. While we wait to receive our own Pro-ONE for review, this is excellent reading material!

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How to create a DVD from Premiere?
July 12, 2001

This really is a hot topic these days. Many of you are trying to do just that. Especially now that these newer, low cost DVD-R drives from Pioneer and Panasonic are becoming available, DVD creation becomes a hot topic. But how to do that? What software to use? And what settings? And how do you proceed? Luckily, Dan Gordon has compiled all his tips and tricks and written a great article. It's now available for all of you, right here at

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|updated|Replace MS DV codec in Premiere 6
March 2, 2001

In an easy to follow tutorial, we show you how you can make Premiere render with the MainConcept DV codec, instead of Microsoft's DV codec. The reason behind this is easy: MainConcept's DV codec is faster and offers a much better quality. The downside is that Premiere locks it's DV presets to the Microsoft DV codec, so you will need this tutorial to get by. And you will have to do some fileswapping to be able to capture, because you can't capture when the MainConcept codec is selected. But it's worth the hassle. And we help you on your way, by providing tools to help you do all this swapping. Go for it!

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News and Updates
June 25, 2002
Matrox RT.X100: first ever beta review will allow you to post. Read how you can do that!
April 13, 2002
Avid XpressDV3: exclusive Dom Q. Silverio review online
April 4, 2002
Pinnacle Edition.DV: the first ever beta review online now will allow you to post. Read how you can do that!
April 1, 2002
FASTstudio.DV relaunched as Edition.DV
February 26, 2002
Avid XpressDV3 compared to Apple Pro 3
February 25, 2002
Avid XpressDV3 compared to Apple Pro 3
February 24, 2002
Canopus CWS100 section added
February 17, 2002
Avid XpressDV FAQ added
Avid XpressDV 3 screenshots added
January 21, 2002
Avid XpressDV3 announced and demoed. We have a full and exclusive report
December 13, 2001
FASTstudio.DV supports AMD MP processor
December 9, 2001
FASTstudio.DV section added
FASTstudio.DV3: review added
November 27, 2001
Matrox RT2000/2500 approved to work with WindowsXP
Pinnacle DV500 and Pro-ONE: beta drivers available for WindowsXP
November 26, 2001
More news on the Canopus CWS-100 editing system
Canopus introduces new 3D RT effects software. Download the demo!
November 15, 2001
First public appearance of new Canopus editing system
September 19, 2001
IBC 2001 report online
JVC introduces GY-DV300 camera
Canopus introduces analog to DV to analog converter box
August 28, 2001
Pinnacle Pro-ONE: DVLine review online
Pinnacle Pro-ONE: Guy Graphics review online
August 14, 2001
Pinnacle Pro-ONE: first picture and more info added
August 7, 2001 review
Canopus DVRaptorRT reviewed review PC reviewed and explained
August 3, 2001
Full list of all Pro-ONE RT features added!
July 29, 2001
More info on the new Pinnacle Pro-ONE, all on one page
July 18, 2001
Canopus DVRaptorRT: new real world render times
How to make the DVRaptor work with Ulead's upcoming Media Studio 6.5?
Pinnacle announces new RT DV card
July 16, 2001
How to create a DVD starting from Premiere and with Avisynth and TMPGenc?
Canon XL1 used as the only camera for Dutch TV series: we show you how and why
July 15, 2001
Does the Sony DSR-250 camera suffer from serious bugs, or is it just bad design? Anthony Burokas reports
July 13, 2001
Canon announces the XL1S, the much anticipated successor to the XL1
July 12, 2001
How to create a DVD starting from Premiere and with Avisynth and TMPGenc?
July 11, 2001
Baobab DV Converter 2.3 has been released: what's new?
Baobab DV Converter section added
July 4, 2001
Why is there a price difference between Pioneer's DVD-R drives?
RT2000 vs. Pinnacle DV500: how do they compare?

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