Hello and welcome to my "computer collection".

I've put up a listing of all computers I currently own and still use from time to time. Unless mentioned the computers are in working condition without any (big) problem and I have added as much hardware information and links to the constructors if possible. If you should know some additional information about any hardware, please let me know.

These pages have no general purpouse ofcourse but hey, this is my webspace and I can fill it up with whatever I want, no ?

If you should put a link to these pages, inform me so I can put a link back if you want to.

The pictures I took from the hardware are done with my Siliconvision camera, quality isnt that optimal from time to time but its cheaper then letting me take pictures, developping them and then scanning. You are not allowed to simply "rip" these pictures from my pages or place links to them, if you would like to use a picture from these pages, just ASK.

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