You better run while you still can !

Gahhhhhhhhhh... Yes, thats me there.. The picture was taked somewhere in Paris during the first days of november in 1996 on the way to the Saturne Party 4. The red blob on the right of the picture is the sleeve of a friend. But he had to be cut off. Whaha..

Anyway. Here's some personal info about me.

Name :

Peter Smets

Birthday :

Nov 04, 1976

Occupation :

I'm a PC-Technician at the NCMV( to be more precise at the CIP), the organisation wich represents the self-employed in Belgium. Also I am supposed to maintain the SCO-Unix servers and keep an eye on the KMO-Net E-Mail accounts.

Adress :

I live in Leuven, aka Beercity or Stellastad in Belgium.