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The purpose of the Weird-Al Fan DataBase (WAFDB) is to give all worldwide fans of Weird-Al Yankovic a listing of who else is on the net with that one special thing in common, namely that they all love "Al".

Fans are sorted by the countries they live in, each country is then sorted by the continent that country is situated on. All sorting is done alphabetically, Fans in the USA are also sorted by State.

If you select a link to a page that is not inside the WAFDB, you better open up a new window or else it will be displayed inside the frame. To do this, select the link with your right mousebutton and select "Open in new window" (Netscape navigater, find out yourself for the Internet Exploder). Small note : decent browsers (like IBrowse and Voyager on the Amiga) don't have this problem.. Here's another reason to ditch your PC's !

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