JLL Counter Page
Access counter with java applet only 
no server side, just a file on the server
new version: now you have not to compile anything to use this applet
see the  archive of the day and  global archive
generated by this applet.
  1. Copy on your home page directory all the classes of file
  2. Put a good applet tag in your HTML page (see this page for example)
  3. Once your applet is loaded, click on it (wait until it stop blinking)  and tape the letter i.
  4. You will see a dialog box which asks for account name and password
  5. After that reload your page and your counter is started
A persistent applet example which is using a class: FtpFileMng.class  (old FtpRemoteFile.class)
see the source class and the old one
see the file counterfile  update by Ftp in passive mode (now loaded with browser cache desactivated)
This applet is subject to modification and improvement and this page is for test purpose.
So please be indulgent : the counter value and archives are subject to modification.