Marc "CyberELF" De Scheemaecker

About Myself

I'm Marc De Scheemaecker, living in Belgium. But before going on, I'm thristy...

Now imagine a full glass of Hoegaarden :-)

My hobbies are programming UNIX based systems, playing games (especially Diablo II and Heroes of Might & Magic III), techno parties and (since about a year) fitness.

My nick name "cyberelf" comes from the days I played role playing games. The character I had most fun with was an elf which was not totally of organic nature. Although I quit role playing games some years ago, I find that nick cool, so I'm still using it :-)

You can reach me at .

The above email address is shown using JavaScript to protect it from spam harvester bots. If your browser does not support JavaScript, here's the garbled address: cyberelf at mac dot com.

Last Update: Jul 9, 2002
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