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Your looking for older cards, well try your luck here Gallery


Hey there thanks for stopping by. What can you expect here? Well custom cards made for Magic : The Gathering.

How did we accomplish this. wel thanks to a great program called CCG Maker. Most of the cards here will be of my own design, but if you have a great card in mind, drop me a mail  and I'll make it for you. I currently have some great templates to make magic cards. only missing some small info. Like what font is used in the new card face for the title of the cards. and where can I get a template for the new gold cards  :). If anybody out there  is able to help please let me know .

The reason I made these cards is for fun so don't ask me if you can buy the cards, they only exist in digital format.But hey you can alway print them out and stick then on some old commons you have lying round  :). But rememmber, selling fake cards is wrong.  Making them is fun  :)


As you will notice as time goes by I have a great fondness for dragons. So most of them will be dragon inspired. But this doesn't mean I don't like other races  :)


Well is you want a card send me a mail here: Kasimir


Currently I'm looking for people who are willing to submit cool flavor tekst. or have a good idea for a card in mind.

Let's hope this site may give you a smile from time to time and who knows , a new twist to the game  :)