The World's First Linux-Only Modification For Quake ][

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Latest Version: 0.7 BooM-0.7.tar.gz

Source Code Release: 0.7 BooM-src-0.7.tar.gz

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XoXus <xoxus@usa.net>
BooM is a deathmatch only mod for Quake ][. For those players who get immense satisfaction out of fragging enemies with the blast of a well-placed rocket or grenade, you will find even more fun with BooM. With a multitude of new weapons, you have yet more ways to blow your opponents to smithereens.


24th February 1999
  • I've decided to release the source code for BooM. I'm making it available to everyone, in the hope that this can become community developed. I'll collate any patches you send me, and release new versions approximately weekly.
5th February 1999
  • The first "news" item. Wow. BooM 0.7 is now available. Not an incredible amount that's new, but I've implemented the beginnings of a bot. It's kinda cool, since it's the first client-emulated bot for Linux (at all). Hmmmm... how many Linux-related "firsts" has BooM done? :-P
  • I got the 2.2.1 kernel up and running. Need I say that Linus Torvalds is one great guy? That he's done better work than BG (don't you dare mention his full name), but has done it all for free? Nah, that's just the bleeding obvious!

What's new in BooM 0.7

  • A very simplistic bot. (Don't tell me it's stupid -- I KNOW!!)
  • Some laser trip bomb problems have been resolved.


  • Full support for all 3.20 features, including VWep, spectator-cam, packet filtering and auto-downloading.
  • An assortment of brand new weapons and sidearms, including a grappling hook, rocket booster, sticky bombs, C4 backpacks, homing missiles, laser trip bombs and gravity wells.
  • A fully-functional chasecam, so you can see yourself!
  • Internal Help System for a quick reference on command usage.
  • A static drone designed for target practise.
  • A sniper laser that's 100% accurate.
  • An automated deathmatch opponent (a.k.a. "bot").

A Few Screenshots:

[Click for a larger picture]
Homing Missile ChaseCam Grappling Hook
ChaseCam + Rocket Booster Another ChaseCam + Rocket Booster

Obligitory Links:

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linux.org -- Need I say more?
idSoftware.com -- Creators of Quake ][
LinuxQuake.com -- Great Linux Quake news site
Quake2.com -- Quake ][ News

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