My First Home Page


This is just my first attempt to produce a web page. It is plain, simple and contains nothing of any great interest, a bit like the wife really. Well that should earn me a least one hard knock this weekend.

If you know the wife and I then click on he link below to visit the repository of annual Christmas letters that we send out. If you do not know the family, do not bother, it really is not that interesting.

Family News and Events


I spent a little time looking for information on "The Prisoner" that bizarre series with Mr. Magoo in it and I found some interesting sites. The link below is the most interesting of them all in my opinion in that the site has evolved with the creators competence in HTML authorship and yet he has not tried to hid any of the early efforts, or he just never found the time. In any case it is a nice little link to visit and there are loads of sound and media files to experience.

Prisoner Link


I hate typing, enough of this, time to save the document and up load it to the old ISP and see what it looks like, and then it will be time to start looking at some serious plagiarism like all the other little Internet geniuses old there. (Or is that genii)

Hum, should I stick in a picture, aww, what the heck. By the by, that was a deliberate attempt not to use foul language in a public medium, I have a foul mouth as it is, but I do not see any reason to spread it around the Internet, it is bad enough to embarrass people by being vulgar when in their presence with out forcing our own vulgarity on them when they take the time to read the garbled thoughts we put to paper (or post on the Internet).

Ah yes, put in an image for the pleasure.

I am with Stupid 

 All ready a bit passe all these Clinton jokes.

Just a Line

Still when all is said and done these Americans are still an outstandingly interesting bunch. For example when they provided us with the chance to send our kids to Mars with the "Mars Polar Lander", we did, wouldn't you? If you want more information on this missed opportunity, check this out.

Send the Kids to Mars

Anyway I do not think that I will bother to save up for the lobotomy to guarantee my "Green Card".

Just a Line



Love your site and had to tell ya!!