Speeches for non-English speakers

Englische Reden für deutsche Führungskräfte

Discorsi in Inglese per Dirigenti Italiani

You are invited to speak to an international audience. English is not your native language. So you ask your translation service to work on a draft which was written in your own language and for a domestic audience. Suddenly, the best qualities of your speech turn into handicaps. In translation, your elegant discourse turns into long, incomprehensible sentences. Subtle hints are not understood. Jokes fall flat. You fail to communicate and to impress.

Simple and clear language is one requirement. Knowing the state of the international debate on your subject is another. Finding something to say that interests your audience is the most difficult of all.

Consultant and academic with 30 years' experience as chairman (Handelsblatt, Financial Times, etc. conferences) and speaker on the international conference circuit, and as advisor to government and industry offers a highly specialised speech writing service for senior executives.

Your drafts and suggestions are discussed in a personal meeting or on the phone in French, German, Italian, Swedish as well as English. Dutch, Danish and Spanish texts and notes can also serve as a basis for writing your speech. Separate "on the record" and spoken texts provided. Full presentation support – Power Point.

Fee of between 1 500 – 3 000 ECU.

First payment: 50% only after you are satisfied with the first draft.

mailto: or call Dr. Wolfgang Hager + 32 2 486 512 126.